Want 1-20 New Leads Every Day?

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We Get Real Results!

We'll build your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter ad campaigns and deliver you leads and qualified new clients while you don't lift a finger.

We build sales funnels, automate your email marketing and make you look like a rock star!


In fact, we are one of the ONLY agencies in the world that will take the headache of trying to build and automate acquiring new clients completely off your hands!


PLUS, we know our stuff - we've assembled a team with over 20 years of combined experience in online and offline marketing experience and countless ad spend.


Imagine focusing completely on all your new clients, while we unleash a constant flood of high-quality leads and clients straight to your appointment calendar.


And the best part is that you get to focus on what you are great at, while we do the same!


We help businesses just like yours grow and add new clients to their business by leveraging social media marketing and social media advertising.


Our company motto is, “We fail at our business if we fail to increase yours!”




Legacy Facebook and Instagram Ads
We help top producing businesses make their fortunes from Facebook and Instagram Ads

You know Facebook and Instagram ads are the key to automating and growing your business, but frankly - you have NO CLUE how to even go about making this stuff work.


If you've ever tried Facebook or Instagram ads before, you'll understand exactly how much more complicated it really is - and that doing them wrong will end up costing thousands of dollars.


We let top producing business owners and managers focus on their area of expertise by taking the whole process off their hands.


We'll establish your targeting, put together your ad creative, and then monitor and test it all until we crack the results you're after!


In fact, we are so confident in our service that we give you a 100% money back guarantee!




When we took our services to some of the top performing businesses we realized that many had been burned by the experience of dealing with marketing agencies that failed to deliver on their promises.


We wanted to take all the risk away from hiring an agency and started offering services on a 100% money back guarantee. It works for our clients, and it works for us.

Who We Can Help

You share one thing in common with other successful businesses: a burning desire to get more qualified leads, increase client satisfaction and achieve your earnings goals.


We’ll help you get there faster than you ever thought possible!


You have achieved a level of success in your industry. Now, you’re looking to grow quickly and automate where you can.


We’ll help you stay ahead of the competition, grow faster, without pulling your hair out trying to master social media, internet and email ads.

Business Growth You Can See!

Please note - if you do not have a sales funnel in place you will be quoted for the set up of this. You also need to be willing to invest in your own ad spend - no tire kickers please!

What some of our clients are saying:

27 Leads in 7 Days!


"I was so frustrated with making this whole social media thing work before working with Legacy. I had convinced myself that social media was unnecessary to grow my business. Was I ever wrong!


After working with you, I have experienced growth that I thought was unattainable. You guys truly live up to your name - Legacy Innovative Solutions. Your out of the box approach to lead generation was exciting to be a part of.


All I can say is RESULTS, RESULTS, RESULTS!! Thank you so much."


- Dr. Leigh A.

2 new clients in less than 3 days.



"I didn't think that I could afford a social media marketing agency, as a new beauty spa. What I didn't realize is that I could not afford to continue without a results-driven social media marketing agency.


The service literally paid for itself in the first 72 hours of our campaign launch.


I am shocked that we are already holding our own in competition with established, long-standing spas in our area".


-Janice C.

36 Leads in 14 Days!


All I can say is WOW! Nothing else we have ever tried has yielded so many qualified real estate leads. We now have a new problem, servicing our leads fast enough!


Thank you for your attention to detail and desire to really "know my industry" it made all the difference in the world. We will continue partnering with Legacy in the future.


- Carl E. Real Estate Broker

4 new clients in less than a week.



"We have an established successful aesthetic spa where we were satisfied with our client load. It wasn't until talking with Tonia that I realized I had placed a cap on our future growth through my complacency by failing to see the value of a strong social media and internet marketing presence.


I decided that we had nothing to lose with her 100% money back guarantee, so we gave it a shot. The service paid for itself ten times over in the first week.


I only wish we had started sooner. Thanks for the efficient and affordable service. 


-Elizabeth R. RN.

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